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Love & Acceptance

They give us love and acceptance without complaint. When we come home grumpy and fed up from a lousy day at work who greets us with wild abandon and glee? Not our children. Does any one of our pets care whether we are twenty pounds overweight or having a bad hair day? Pets appreciate and accept us no matter what we look like or how much money we have. Pets give all that unconditional love for a bowl of food and a gentle hand.

 They Are a Great Audience

Pets allow us to indulge our fantasies. Admit it. You can dance your happy dance or sing along to a song that no one else you know likes and not one of your pets laughs at you in mocking tones. In fact, your pets even get a kick out of your performance. They are the perfect audience and you are a great singer. corn, fillers, artificial colors, and preservatives.

They Make Us Proud

They make us proud and we can brag shamelessly. Whether it’s winning a ribbon in the show ring or just being well behaved when company comes over, our pets have the ability to make us proud even with the simplest effort. Are they healthy and happy? Be proud you are a great pet parent. Did your dog make someone smile today? Be proud of your buddy’s ability to make the world a nicer place. Social media was made for this sort of bragging so shout it out, tweet it or blog about it.

The Connect Us with Nature

They give us a connection to the natural world. If you have ever set up an aquarium you probably learned more than you ever thought possible about water quality, good and bad bacteria, ammonia levels and fish habitats.

Taking a hike with your dog through the woods or in the mountains is a lovely way to immerse yourself in nature and the beauty of our earth. Plus, your dog will think you are a super hero for the time well spent together.

They Protect Us

Sure, the barking can be a bit much when a friend is at the door, but a low growl late at night when the wind is howling and you are watching the latest horror flick. It makes you feel safe. You aren’t facing the boogeyman alone. Your pet is with you. Ready to spring into action and keep you from harm. Boyfriend doesn’t like the cat? Goodbye boyfriend. In-laws scared of the dog? Well the less of them the better, right? House guests overstaying their welcome a bit? Let your cat or dog loose with their alarm clock skills.




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