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Every 365 days, give or take a leap year, we two-legged creatures make a new resolve to be better. After a month or so of holiday-induced indulgences, we make lofty resolutions. We will lose weight, work out more, slow down, speed up, reconnect with old friends, be kinder, be more assertive, save money, invest more, and the list goes on. No matter how well-intentioned our new year promises may be, generally they last only a little longer than the holiday decorations. But we try to be good.

As we approach this new year year, Emmett, our 10 month old bulldog, has compiled his own four-legged list of resolutions. Actually, I have made the list for him, but if he could do it himself, I’m sure it would read something like this:

1. I will let you sleep until the alarm goes off and the coffee is ready. I will not grunt, groan or whimper to go out until your feet have already hit the floor.

2. I will wait politely at the door when guests arrive and greet each one calmly and quietly.*

3. I will stop chewing what is left of the bushes in our yard.

4. I will chew my food slowly and not slobber water from one end of the kitchen to the other.

5. I will not pull on my leash and dislocate my master’s shoulder.

6. I will not bury my nose in the waste baskets diving for discarded facial tissues, napkins or paper towels to chew on. Likewise, I will not “accidentally” knock the garbage can over even though I will continue to clean the floor instantly of anything that may happen to drop.

7. I will sit, stay and lie down when commanded to do so.

8. I will respect my “big brother,” Diesel and will not steal his favorite toys, deer antlers or food.

9. I will continue to give sloppy-wet-doggie-kisses and keep my mistress’ lap warm every morning as we sit in our oversized chair together.

10. I will continue to give unconditional, mad, crazy love every day.* 

* * *

To tell the truth, as appealing as resolutions 1 through 8 seem to be, as long as he keeps numbers 9 & 10, this is going to be a wonderful new year.

* Emmett would like to thank for posting these ideas December 29, 2012 and inspiring this blog.

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  1. Chris Adsit on said:

    I like #10, but #9 I’m not a fan of. ICK! 🙂

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